Sky Sport Austria’s new studio blends video walls with linear scenery

Sky Sport Austria has unveiled a state-of-the-art studio set with a sleek, sophisticated look that’s equipped with over 215-square feet of LED video walls.

During the winter break from coverage of German Bundesliga, a professional association football league, the network installed a compact but flexible new studio for coverage.

The studio, designed by Florian Wieder, is just under 900 square feet but still manages to feel more open thanks to a gently curving wall and horizontal slat accents with integrated lighting that create the illusion of a wider space.

The space is outfitted with three video walls with rounded corners with the gaps between each video wall filled with a combination of metallic and backlit banding. All of the set’s non-video walls are equipped with color-changing technology to help give each program and production a unique structural look in addition to the video wall graphic backgrounds changing.

The space also includes a circular desk on a riser with a cone base with a look similar to wall segments, while a matching standup pod is also available. 


Imagery of the new space staged for varying productions show how the video walls can be used in a more traditional way to create a broad stretch of a digital background or the primary display can be sub-divided with vertical graphical dividers to showcase three separate images, with the video wall software allowing three separately controlled segments. 

Like many studios, the space features a glossy black floor that reflects much of the scenery, but the solid portions of the walls also boast a sort of semigloss or matte metallic finish that subtly reflects light. 

A view of the Sky Sport Austria studio under construction. 

Meanwhile, the walls also feature thicker, all solid banding near the top of the set that slowly transitions to thinner slats near the middle before transitioning to strips of horizontal internally lit elements that stand out from the wall’s primary plane. 

These details, along with the rest of the set, were carefully crafted by the fabrication team at Unbranded with integrated-LED from SoulMates Creative LED.