Watch this NBC drone standup showcasing scale of destruction at Kyiv apartments

NBC News correspondent Richard Engel and his team of videographers on the ground in Ukraine used a drone to capture a dramatic standup — that involved him standing on the top floor of a heavily damaged building.

The segment aired March 18, 2022, during “NBC Nightly News” and featured additional drone footage of the apartment building in Kyiv that was reportedly hit by Russian fire despite only having no sign of being a military facility. As Engel’s report points out, the complex appeared to only contain homes, a daycare and a grocery store.

For his standup, Engel is first seen standing in what appears to be the remains of a room. As the view moves out, viewers see that the outer wall has been peeled away, apparently by the strike — making the building look a bit like a dollhouse with Engel on the top floor.

Damaged furniture and belongings are scattered around him as the drone continues to fly backward, revealing that he’s actually standing on what appears to be the fifth floor of the building.

Most of the building’s entire facade is missing, completing the dollhouse look and giving viewers a sense of just how significant the damage is.