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Tedial releases plugin for Avid MediaCentral Cloud UX

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Tedial has today unveiled its new plugin for MediaCentral Cloud UX for seamless content exchange between Avid MediaCentral and Tedial’s platforms.

The Tedial plugin for MediaCentral Cloud UX is fully integrated with the latest version of Tedial Evolution.

Using simple drag and drop functionality users can easily archive content from the Avid production environment or retrieve content from Tedial’s platform using MediaCentral, a single application that views Tedial as an additional content source or destination.

Users can browse the Tedial archive, using multiple search criteria, in low-res without downloading any content and can select the Avid MediaCentral location where they want to send the media. Similarly, users can navigate throughout MediaCentral Production Management and select the media they want to send to Tedial.

This not only allows content archival and retrieval, it also leverages the integration capabilities of MediaCentral CloudUX, which can trigger the delivery of content directly to any other destination including S3, OTT platforms and more, but it can also integrate with any other part of the ecosystem, including automatic QC, AI tools, transcoders and more, to streamline content production and more importantly, evolve according to future business needs.

“In today’s broadcast production environments teams demand access to disparate tools so they can seamlessly collaborate from anywhere and deliver the best content faster, to keep pace with the growing demand for TV, broadcast and sports content. Production teams that rely on Tedial to manage their assets can now easily work in Avid’s open MediaCentral platform to browse, search, edit, share and distribute content easily. The bridging of our products provides production teams with powerful creative capabilities to drive the best storytelling possible,” said Raul Alba, director of solutions marketing, media and cloud at Avid, in a statement.

Julian Fernandez-Campon, Tedial’s CTO adds, “We have a very strong technology partnership with Avid that goes back many years. At Tedial, it’s our philosophy to provide users with the highest-quality solutions that simplify workflows and increase productivity. This latest partnership continues to support the production community, now and in the future.” 


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