Alhurra explores electric vehicle history with detailed virtual explainer

Alhurra examined the history of electric vehicles in a virtual explainer video that combines a mix of dramatic lighting effects with detailed renderings of the materials used to manufacture the automobiles. 

The segment kicks off with a brief view of a studio, that folds away to transport the presenter to 1832, the year the first rudimentary electric vehicle was built, where a classic vehicle is shown with amber-hued lighting effects that reflect off the mix of matte and metallic surfaces on the 3D model.

A brief overhead view showcases the year “1832” set in oversized metallic numerals laid out on the ground next to the car before fast forwarding to 1888 through the use of one of the vehicle’s headlamps as a transition.

In this scene, the numbers illustrating the year sit beside the vehicle, which morphs, “Transformers”-style, on the screen to a red model and, then, to a 1972 yellow BMW 1602 with gleaming surfaces. 

As the 3D BMW drives out of hanger-style doors, viewers get a brief look at the inside workings of the vehicle before it transforms into a 1976 Volkswagen Electro Golf in green. 

The presenter briefly takes up residence on a billboard with a halftone effect that the vehicle drives by in bright daylight before parking and morphing into a General Motors EV1 in a sporty red.


Here again, the presenter is pictured on a billboard, but switching to a hand-painted style filter. 

The vehicle pulls away and is briefly pictured driving through a dark, dramatic tunnel-like space before it changes, via a peel back effect with a puff of smoke into a 1997 Honda EV Plus, which drives by another billboard featuring the presenter. 

The Honda then crashes through a metallic “2008” as it transforms into a bold red Tesla in a nighttime scene with a dramatically uplit building behind it. 

The Tesla is shown in some highly detailed views along with an image of founder Elon Musk, before the scene pulls back revealing the presenter standing amidst the fleet of the vehicles discussed in the segment.

The segment was designed by Ahmed El Bendari and team under the direction of Fadi Izzaldin.