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NAB Show 2022: TSL debuts enhanced power solutions

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TSL will showcase new updates to its Power Distribution Units (PDU) at the 2022 NAB Show.

The company notes, as broadcast workflows become more complex, the call for streamlined maintenance and minimized energy consumption has become a priority.

The new Intelligent PDU’s have increased functionality, offering enhanced levels of power monitoring and management, providing operators extra peace of mind with a more streamlined workflow. In addition, TSL’s updated PDUs help companies meet sustainability goals as the devices can act under instruction to selectively switch off power when not in use, either remotely or onsite, further supporting flexibility and energy and cost savings.

“Power is one of the most exciting investments we have made at TSL,” said Mark Davies of TSL. “These latest upgrades to our power products are based on a massive R&D effort that is 18 months in the making. We listened to our customers to understand their ongoing challenges and delivered a new solution that provides them with more power and control over their workflows with added security.”

TSL’s new ethernet connected PDUs have been designed to handle up to 32 amps (A) with optional auto-failover/auto supply and lifted the entry level amps from 16 to 20, as customers deploy more high-powered equipment. The new design also includes an upgrade from 12 to 14 outputs, each one capable of delivering up to 10A, enabling customers to power more units from one PDU.

In addition to comprehensive remote control through the secure/encrypted web browser access (HTTPS), the PDUs have a front panel LCD screen for local monitoring and control. With an always-on front panel colour LCD UI, customers can view the current, voltage and power factor measurement for each outlet; input voltage and total current/power measurement; CLASS I (‘billing grade’) measurement accuracy; and earth leakage current measurement. The new units also feature sequential, immediate or user configured delayed start-up to minimize in-rush currents that can frustrate entire system power ups. The changover units have zero-cross switching to avoid power spikes that can damage connected equipment.

Additional features/settings include power loss/restore configuration (all-off, all-on and last-state); fast-configuration via USB or front panel LCD; data logging (Syslog or to USB); SNMP monitoring and alarms (optional control); email and SMS alerts and a power input fail alarm.

Also included is an internal temperature sensor with adjustable alarm and a rear mounted port that can be connected to industry standard 1 wire sensors for external environment monitoring. For rapid equipment failure identification, the PDUs also have over/under current alarms (configured per outlet) and fuse failure monitoring with front and rear panel LED indicators.


TSL has also redesigned its entry-level range of Rack Power Units with single supply 20A and 32A capability. It is mounted in a rigid steel case with 14 outlets, each rated at 10A capacity. The units feature soldered joints (not crimped) with bus bar construction, providing a long-term reliable service. The new units include a front mounted 2-pole 20A or 32A hydraulic magnetic circuit breaker to guard against accidental overloading, which can result in catastrophic system failure. The 19-inch unit is 1U horizonal rack mountable and requires a single input power.

Accessories include a Neutrik or equivalent input cable connector of 20A or 32A; a robust cable tie bar for secure cable mounting and/or locking IEC’s can be used. Each unit measures 120mm x 482mm x 43.7 mm.

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