Telemundo Sacramento gets studio overhaul with curved, layered new set

KCSO, the Sacramento, California, Telemundo-owned station debuted a new studio set that combines sleek modern curves and technology contrasted with textures to create layered background looks.

Designed by Michael Wright at WrightSet, the primary anchor desk features a circular top set on a curved base featuring backlit reveal lines set inside the mostly darker, solid front. The far left of the desk features a semitransparent segment with dark reveal lines, creating an asymmetrical look.

The desk itself can be rotated to take advantage of different parts of the studio.

Between two large, curved custom LED panels is a semitransparent version of the Telemundo “T” icon, constructed of a similar material as used on the left of the anchor desk that also emphasizes the overlapping elements of the two segments that form the logo.

Behind the two screens, logo and a portion of the studio to the far left is a curved wall that allows faux brick, a look borrowed from some of the city’s historic buildings, to peek through a large X-shaped trusswork element inspired by the city’s Tower Bridge.

The camera left video wall, meanwhile, is backed with vertical slats that allow the warm-toned wall behind to show through, while blurred panels behind the “T” logo achieve a similar layered look.


The studio also includes a wide curved backlit wall with a seemingly floating array of vertical low profile LED panels in the center, giving the station additional background opportunities for both the anchor desk and standups.

This was created using seven 55 inch LED panels.

Ringing the entire space is a curved header element and knee wall, both featuring integrated strips of color changing LED that ties the various areas together cohesively.

Thanks to color changing LED strips and backlighting, the entire set can change colors instantly.

The studio also features a weather presentation area that is backed by another large backlit wall with a faux brick segment.

Camera right features four gray rails flush with the backlit wall that support two 39 inch video panels while those elements then jut out at an angle away from the wall and serving as a mount for a larger, single 65 inch screen.

Because this portion of the set isn’t flush with the wall, a portion of both the backlit and faux brick wall are visible through the open space between the rails and column support the framework.

The weather area notably contrasts with the curves on the main set and uses more straight lines at a variety of angles, including three distinct blocky segments of knee walls and work surfaces that increase in height from left to right, a pattern that’s emphasized by the integrated strip lighting.

AV integration for the various on set monitors and video walls was provided by Greg Gerner Inc. and the set was fabricated by Blackwalnut

Lighting design was handled by Bill Holshevnikoff with lighting fixtures from BB&S Lighting.

The station, which brands on air as Telemundo 33 and Noticias Telemundo California, also purchased upgraded Sony cameras on new Vinten pedestals with Autoscript prompting. The space was also designed for augmented reality segments.