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NAB Show 2022: Adobe brings to the Creative Cloud

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Along with adding native M1 support in After Effects and updating the UI of Premiere Pro, Adobe is bringing’s video collaboration platform to the Creative Cloud.

With the introduction of for Creative Cloud, video editors and key project stakeholders – including producers, agencies and clients – are able to collaborate seamlessly in the cloud.

This is the industry’s first integrated review and approval workflow for post-production, allowing editors to get to final approval faster and easier than ever before. Demand for video collaboration solutions is on the rise in a digital economy where more content is being created than ever before and remote teamwork is becoming the new normal.

Now part of a Creative Cloud subscription, video creators can:

  • Share work in progress with an unlimited number of reviewers anywhere in the world.
  • Get frame-accurate comments and annotations directly inside of Premiere Pro and After Effects, all without leaving
    their timeline.
  • Use accelerated file transfer technology for fast uploading and downloading of media with 100GB of
    dedicated storage.
  • Work on up to five different projects concurrently with another remote user.
  • Work with Camera to Cloud – the fastest, easiest and most secure way to get footage from cameras to editors,
    motion designers and other stakeholders.

“The combination of Premiere Pro and gives customers the world’s only end-to-end solution for video creation from ingest to editorial to output,” said Steve Warner, vice president of Digital Video and Audio at Adobe. “This is the first step toward building a powerful, cloud-based platform for the future of video creation.” for Creative Cloud is available today and will be pre-installed with Premiere Pro and After Effects. Creative Cloud customers can log into from within Premiere Pro or After Effects using their Adobe ID.

Updates to Premiere Pro and After Effects apps are rolling out globally to users and will be available to all entitled members in April 2022.


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