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NAB Show 2022: VSG introduces Envivo Ribbon LED display control solution

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Variant Systems Group is releasing Envivo Ribbon during the 2022 NAB Show. The LED control solution is designed to enable large format displays in live event and sports venues.

Envivo Ribbon is a true fan engagement live production solution that enables users to drive over 16 million broadcast quality pixels to video walls and LED displays with dynamic and engaging content.

Building on the intuitive and powerful user interface and success of Envivo Replay, Envivo Ribbon further expands the live event production offerings first introduced with Envivo Studio with another powerful story-telling tool to keep fans engaged in every aspect of the live event at all levels of visual stimulus. Integrated with a limitless number of real-time data sources, content can be dynamically presented with immediate score updates, engaging statistics, timing information, and other relevant and engaging data.

“Envivo Ribbon incorporates the rich knowledge the company and its founders have of live production workflows with the intuitive and powerful user interface infrastructure introduced five years ago in Envivo Replay to provide customers with the most powerful live production and fan engagement product in the market.” said Adolfo Rodriguez, CEO of Variant Systems Group.

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