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EVS offers IP control capabilities with new Cerebrum release

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EVS has released the latest version of its broadcast control and monitoring system, Cerebrum v2.3. The system is currently being showcased at the NAB Show, as a core pillar of EVS’ comprehensive Media Infrastructure offering.

Cerebrum version 2.3 introduces a new SDN license called ‘IP Core’, and a new web client, which together bring higher visibility and control to today’s increasingly complex production infrastructures.

As broadcasters worldwide continue their shift to IP, this new IP Core SDN license addresses the need for tighter network management. Integrated within Cerebrum, “it allows for the control of increasingly complex network topologies without adding additional complexity for the operators,” said Matt Salvidge, Solutions Manager at EVS.

“The automatic steering of flows protects against over-subscription, whilst the monitoring capabilities allow simple troubleshooting by the engineering teams.” End-users can rest assured of the proper execution of all media flows and are automatically notified about potential network overloads for complete and real-time bandwidth awareness.

Also introduced at NAB 2022, is Cerebrum’s new web client. Users who previously had to install their Cerebrum client application on a Windows-based PC or laptop, can now view their customized control interfaces in a HTML5 web browser. This enables them to monitor and control their customized router panels and other graphical user interfaces in a more flexible way, whether from within control rooms, equipment rooms, or remotely from any device.

“I am very excited about the new workflow possibilities that the new IP Core SDN license and the web client bring, further increasing the power and flexibility offered by Cerebrum” said Salvidge.

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