MSNBC promo praises Kerry Sanders’ dynamic live shot

MSNBC is hailing one of NBC News correspondent Kerry Sanders‘ live shots that he recently did during “Morning Joe” illustrating some of the challenges passenger-turned-pilot Darren Harrison had when trying to land a small aircraft in Florida May 11, 2022 — without having any flying experience.

The reporting has been being marked with a promo that starts with the tagline “This is landing a live shot” forming on-screen followed by a portion of Sanders’ live shot, which was captured inside the cockpit of a similar aircraft.

Sanders’ live shot aired May 12, 2022, the day after the incident and included Sanders using an aircraft similar to the one involved in the actual event. 

He started outside, standing up in front of the plane but then quickly walked toward the cockpit and climbed inside, at which point the feed cut to handheld camera being operated from the opposite side of the aircraft.

Once inside, Sanders pointed out the positions of the two involved, even slumping over the controls to illustrate the pilot’s position. When mentioning the plane was in a dive, Sanders’ videographer tilted the camera off-axis to give the appearance of what it might have looked like inside the cockpit during that scary time.

As if that wasn’t enough, Sanders also noted that Harrison had to then find a pair of headphones to communicate with the ground and figure out where to plug them in because they became disconnected in all the chaos (notably, Sanders didn’t appear to be able to find where the headset plugged in, at least not during the live shot).

“I’m curious, we love you getting into the plane, your re-enactment. Did you actually, while you were putting this together, did you actually try this yourself earlier this morning,” joked Joe Scarborough after the network returned to Sanders, still seated inside the cockpit to wrap up his report, referring to an actual landing from the sky.

Sanders laughed as well and assured the team and viewers that he had not.


Meanwhile, the promo ended with a black screen and large white lettering proclaiming the “This is what we do, this is who we are” tagline that MSNBC commonly uses.

Sanders has been with NBC since 1996, based in Miami. 

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