Florida forecaster hits the streets in skateboarding-themed weather promo

An Orlando station is using one of its forecaster’s hobbies to drive home the point that its weather team can help prepare for all types of outdoor fun.

Brooks Garner, who appears on WOFL’s 5, 10 and 11 p.m. newscasts, has a chance to show off his skateboarding skills in a promo for the Fox 35 Storm Team.

The spot starts with Garner discussing his love of skateboarding. “But before I hit the trail, I make sure I have everything I need so I don’t hit any surprises along the way,” he says on camera holding a skateboard with a spinning wheel.

“It’s the same with the weather. At Fox 35, we deliver an accurate and easy-to-understand outlook so you can get through your day without any surprises,” he continues as shots of him out skateboarding with his family appear. 

There aren’t any fancy aerial or other tricks shown in the spot, which is probably for the better since Garland isn’t shown wearing a safety helmet in any of the shots.

There are then some quick shots of Garner in the studio as a professional announcer speaks.

“Plain and simple — you can depend on us,” he says at the end of the spot, with the Storm Team logo, “Depend on” tagline and a QR code on screen next to Garner.