Networks take different approaches in Uvalde shooting coverage

CBS Mornings” started off with its LED video walls and ribbons showcasing a “CBS News Breaking News” look that’s similar to the updated special report graphics the network introduced in February 2022.

Instead of the normal multi-subject “EyeOpener” segment, the broadcast devoted the time to an exceptionally well edited summary that combined images from the scene with those speaking out against gun violence. 

Later, “CBS Evening News” had “CBS Mornings” co-anchor Tony Dokupil in Texas, filling in for Norah O’Donnell, who is recovering from COVID-19.

The “Evening News” broadcast devoted all of tease headlines to the shooting and modified its open to have a more somber version of the show’s theme.

By this time, it appeared the network has adopted a blue monochromatic photography-driven look accented with the network’s now-traditional hashmark and circular accents, though it was not shown prominently.