Arizona Fox station debuts new morning show set

KSAZ, the Fox-owned affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona, has debuted a new, dedicated set from Devlin Design Group for its morning newscast.

“Arizona Morning,” which is stylized as “AZ AM,” previously used the station’s main news set.

The new area features two walls that intersect to form a corner, with the overall look echoing that of a lofty, industrial-style space.

Backlit fabric is used to create “windows” for the space with color-changing capability included to create a sunrise or sunset effect depending on daypart. 

The space also features faux exposed brick in a light shade as well as exposed copper-toned conduits and wood beams and flooring. Yellow-tinted downlight accents on the exposed brick segments between windows bring out the texture of the finish. The overall look, from the bricks to the lighting, is vastly warmer than the stations main news set which relies on cool blues. 

Three drum-shaped light fixtures with black mesh are suspended from the corner and anchors sit in brown mid-century modern chairs with a coffee table in the Noguchi style topped with a planter of succulents. 


A freestanding display can also be wheeled on set and used for tosses to remote reports.

The new morning show set sits in the KSAZ studio next to the station’s primary news set.