This Lego TV station could become a real set with support from you

A Lego set featuring a TV station could make its way into primetime soon: For sale at a store near you.

“Channel 5” was posted July 22, 2022, to the Lego Ideas website, a platform that allows fans and designers to submit suggestions for new sets built from its famous plastic bricks and minifigures.

The platform lets users vote on sets they want to support. Ones that reach a designated threshold in the time period specified become eligible to possibly become a set available for sale.

“The Lego City has grown and needs services for its minifigures and one of them is to be informed of what is happening in their city or in other cities,” reads the product description from the user who created the set, who goes by the screen name “Bricky_Brick.”

The Channel 5 set features a two-story structure with a large portico on along the front supported by diagonal structural elements. Above the overhang is a large “Channel 5” sign created from Lego bricks. The facade features a main entry, a garage-style opening for the included news van along with a simulated video screen.

The roof is outfitted with a variety of transmission and other equipment. 

Inside there is a lobby with reception desk.

An open space with mezzanine level appears to be a newsroom and other workspaces, while a studio, complete with lighting, anchor desk and studio cameras, backs up against a wall of windows.

Nearby is a control rom, with various equipment built from Lego bricks. There are also screens found throughout the set that appear to be created using stickers or printed bricks.

The set also also includes a dedicated chroma key weather studio with a riser and green screen. A freestanding monitor off-camera shows what viewers are seeing.

There is also a standalone news van with work area in the back. Some portions of the building’s walls, as well as the van’s back, open to allow easier access to the space inside.

Lego Ideas projects that hit 10,000 supporters become eligible for consideration to be turned into a Lego set that’s sold on the company’s site and select retailers around the world, though this is not guaranteed.

Lego pays $500 in product credit if an idea moves to the review phase but is not approved. Products that end up hitting shelves make the creator eligible for 1% of total net sales of the product, plus 10 free sets of the final set and credit for the idea, according to the company’s website.


Sets are also subject to being revised before going on sale.

As of July 22, 2022, the day of launch, the project garnered 99 supporters and there are 59 days left to gather support — so if this is something you’d be interested in supporting, check out the full details and show your support here.

NewscastStudio has no relationship or connection with the creator of this set and has not vetted the creator or set. NewscastStudio does not endorse this product or the creator. Images courtesy Lego Ideas and user Bricky_Brick.

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