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Fox Sports NFL studio includes latest in LED from ROE Visual

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Applying the latest in extended reality (XR) technology, the new Fox Sports studio in Los Angeles, CA, is kicking NFL on Fox in a completely new direction. The No. 1 rated NFL pregame show Fox NFL Sunday is receiving an entirely redesigned set, supported by NEP Sweetwater with ROE Visual LED displays.

The newly constructed ‘Studio A’ was unveiled earlier this month at the Fox Studios Lot in Los Angeles. The studio boasts an impressive 5,000-square-foot setup, featuring two stories of shooting locations and a large LED volume. The set also utilized Stypeland for camera tracking of Unreal Engine and Stype’s solutions for multi-display across the LED volume. With a focus on XR, the space is equipped with LED technology ready to display playback coverage, hyper-realistic content, interactive displays, and more.

The goal of Studio A’s tech upgrade is to immerse the viewer in all things NFL coverage and adapt to new segments. To create the awe-inspiring setup, NEP Sweetwater enlisted the help of ROE LED products.

The volume is made up of three large LED walls and measures 19’8” x 46’. These walls are constructed of Black Pearl 2V2 (BP2V2) panels and add to the over 5,000 square feet of LED panels used in the stage.

Another new virtual reality technique utilized on set is GhostFrame, a frame-remapping technology that allows multiple cameras to view separate images on the LED displays simultaneously. This technology allows for more creative control without sacrificing time and money. With GhostFrame, the BP2V2 LED displays can present flexible changes on the backdrops of any graphic and design desired.

Using XR technology inside the studio marks a growing form of virtual production in broadcasting. Instead of using a static LED background or green screens during live TV coverage, now the cutting-edge setup directly presents the audience with real-time graphics, providing a vivid and more realistic demonstration.

“Participating in this game-changing project has been a thrilling experience. Studio A is expanding the possibilities of broadcasting with maximum flexibility and creativity. Knowing the capability of the advanced techniques and equipment, our team is eager to see the innovation to come out of the studio,” said Frank Montero of ROE Visual.


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