BBC News set to update camera robotics in Studio E upgrade

As the BBC merges its domestic and international news channels, the broadcaster is preparing additional studio upgrades.

The changes come after nearly a decade of broadcasting from Broadcasting House in London, with Studio E reportedly next in line to see updates. 

Deadline, which does not typically cover studio robotics or broadcast technology, frames the upgrades as a way to reduce “viral tech fails” and as automation run amok. However, given the age of the studio and current robotics system plus the rapid pace of advancement in broadcast technology the upgrades are no surprise – especially with the recent relaunch of Studio B.

BBC News has undertaken a larger reinvestment in Broadcasting House which will see additional studio and technology upgrades, sources have confirmed with NewscastStudio.

Inside Studio B, Electric Friends supplied robotic cameras with special modifications to hold Autoscript teleprompters. These cameras move on pre-determined paths embedded in the studio floor, similar to the current Ross Video Furio track-based solution in Studio E and Studio C in Broadcasting House.

Studio B’s implementation, however, does not require bulky tracks or visible cables. 

At BBC Cymru Wales New Broadcasting House, which went online in 2019, robotics from Shotoku are utilized including a ceiling-mounted robotic camera system. 


The robotics tie into BBC’s automation system which drives multiple facets of news output and leads to the hallmark opening of BBC News’ broadcasts – the robotic cameras circling the main anchor desk as the music counts down. 

BBC did not respond to NewscastStudio’s request for comment on additional studio changes.