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Rushworks acquired by ENCO

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ENCO has acquired Rushworks, a supplier of production, playback, streaming and robotics for the broadcast and professional AV markets. 

ENCO plans to retain the existing Rushworks team and office, located in Highland Village, Texas, with Rush Beesley continuing to lead sales and marketing for the product line within ENCO. 

“ENCO is the global leader in real-time captioning with its patented enCaption technology,” said Beesley. “The integration of its powerful, highly accurate captioning engine with our broadcast automation, integrated PTZ production, and courtroom production and streaming systems will ensure our mutual customers can comply with government regulations and provide critical captioning, transcription and translation services to audiences worldwide.”

Beesley notes that ENCO and Rushworks come together at a time of need for broadcasters as they adapt to changing production and delivery models, while adding that AV integrators and tech managers are seeking more “powerfully simple” integrated hardware and software solutions that simplify operations inside schools, courtrooms, municipalities and other AV environments.

“In broadcast, over-the-air and cable access TV systems are rapidly converging with OTT models, while radio stations are adding local production tools to support video podcasting and visual radio content,” said Beesley. “On the AV side, our customers now place greater emphasis on building complementary technologies into their workflows that edge closer to complete systems. Our integrated video production systems, specialty robotic production products, and streaming solutions perfectly complement ENCO’s proven live and automated captioning and production systems for these markets worldwide.”

Ken Frommert, President of ENCO, said that Rushworks innovations bring a new capacity to ENCO’s product line that further distinguishes the company from competitors. Customers will also benefit from having a single source for technical support across all products and integrated ENCO and Rushworks solutions moving forward.

“The acquisition of Rushworks adds proven technology and talent that opens the door for us to innovate and develop cohesive, integrated broadcast and AV solutions for years to come,” said Frommert. “They also bring strong expertise in video applications, which diversifies our software portfolio to serve a much broader array of business verticals and applications.”


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