Digital storytelling startup Blinx to offer new perspectives for Middle East youth

A new digital startup is preparing for launch in Dubai focused on engaging Gen Z and Millennials across the Middle East and beyond. Led by Arab journalist Nakhle Elhage, who led Al Arabiya for 16 years, Blinx hopes to provide new perspectives from its hub in Dubai Media City.

“Our purpose is to inspire the Youth through honest, genuine, and spectacular storytelling. By providing news, entertainment and infotainment powered by the best tech and people available, we help build a better tomorrow,” said Elhage in a statement.

“Engaging the region’s talented, bold, and brave storytellers, our new digital hub aims to be the go-to destination for stories that connect young people in MENA to the world and like-minded communities.”

The startup pledges “more story, less noise” and will use the latest in broadcast technology – such as an extended reality studio – to enable engaging storytelling that it hopes will better resonate with a younger audience.

Gamification, artificial intelligence and data will help guide the startup’s presentation and production.

Blinx is built on the pillars of informing, entertaining, inspiring and updating, while being careful to avoid fake news, misinformation and disinformation. The organization notes they plan to tackle sensitive issues without exaggeration or sensationalism.

The startup also promises personalized user experiences across a variety of traditional and owned platforms.