‘The Chris Wallace Show’ becomes latest CNN show to use D.C. Studio B

As part of a previously announced programming change, CNN debuted “The Chris Wallace Show” on Nov. 4, 2023.

The show is billed as a discussion-based program about the big stories of the week. It airs Saturdays at 10 a.m. eastern.

It is broadcast from the network’s Washington, D.C. Studio B, a set that was updated in the spring of 2022 for the debut of the now-defunct streamer CNN+ and uses the space’s video walls to display virtual set extensions that make it appear the show is broadcasting from in front of a wide span of windows overlooking the city.

These graphics depict a wood wall wrapping around the bay of simulated windows, which feature similarly-textured mullions. 

Compared to some other CNN VSEs, these are much higher better done — with most of the look staying within the realm of what would be possible in the real world while avoiding any oddly over-scaled textures or awkward seams. 

The U.S. Capitol dome is visible just over Wallace’s shoulder in most of his one-shots, with the rest of the city sprawling out on either side. The look features four window segments that are narrower and this simulated glass here boasts a diffusion effect, with the far other two also outfitted with a frosted version of the show logo.

The cityscape beyond is depicted as what appears to be a relatively clear morning under a smattering of clouds with a warm light washing over many of the buildings. That warmness is also echoed in the illuminated edges of the mullions. 


The integrated lighting in the physical dimensional wall panels added for the CNN+ debuts is tinted a similar shade of yellow.

Additional video wall graphics include stacks of CNN logos on vertical wood panels and additional views of the city. 

In addition to the VSEs, “Chris Wallace” does use some real scenic elements in the form of dark geometric chairs on swivels with modern five armed-bases. In the middle of the panel is a two-tier oval coffee table that matches four circular side tables that are positioned on either side of Wallace’s chair and the far outer sides of the set.

The two far left and right tables have stacks of books arranged on their lower tier. 

A patterned gray area rug grounds the look. 

Meanwhile, the show logo features Wallace’s name in a condensed sans serif with the word “The” in the upper left and “Show” in the lower right in small type.

In addition, two L-shaped elements in the lower left and upper right create the suggestion of the outline of a speech bubble, with the “tail” in the lower left, which is presumably a nod to the discussion-based nature of the show.

Wallace himself uses the line “let’s talk about” just before the open runs near the top of the show, which could also be considered a tie-in to his CNN Max show, “Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace?” 

“Who’s Talking” also used the same studio space as “Chris Wallace” is now during its CNN+ run. 

The show open and graphics use a combination of Washington, D.C.-centric photography with a blue and yellow accents along with squares with rounded corners. In some ways, the look has similarities to “The Source with Kasie Hunt,” a CNN+ plus show that also originated from the space during the streamer’s short life. 

Studio B is also used by “Laura Coates Live,” a new weekday evening program that debuted in October 2023 using its own set of video wall graphics and lighting cues to give the space another unique look.