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Imagine Communications Unveils SureFire Enhancements to Drive Streaming Profitability at 2024 NAB Show

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Communications at the 2024 NAB Show (April 14-17, Las Vegas Convention Center, booth W2467) for a hands-on demo of the latest advances in the company’s groundbreaking SureFire video ad server ― a premium ad decisioning solution that helps make connected TV and free ad-supported streaming TV more profitable.​

For broadcasters, SureFire integrates seamlessly into an existing ad tech stack to help drive additional revenue on digital platforms via linear-like placement of direct-sold CTV ads. For FAST service providers, SureFire now offers a direct ad sales user interface that enables increased revenue through direct sales placements ― with no need to add a full traffic or ad sales system.

“The future that Imagine sees for a sustainable and profitable advertising business is to sell premium CTV and FAST inventory more like linear,” said Rob Malcolm, general manager, ad tech, at Imagine Communications. “By enabling premium value streaming inventory to be sold like linear — with broadcast-quality rules, spot level control and brand protection — SureFire strengthens our customers’ ability to sell this inventory in a direct, controlled and automated way, which is the key to maximizing streaming revenue.”

At NAB, Imagine will demonstrate new ad routing functionality in SureFire, which enables direct sales and programmatic redirect through standard connectivity to supply-side and demand-side platforms (SSP/DSP), including Google Ad Manager. Offering open APIs that integrate seamlessly with any existing ad tech stack ― regardless of the sales, order management, and traffic solutions that a TV operator may prefer ― SureFire enables broadcasters to sell ads more effectively across their entire footprint by adding linear control to their programmatic capabilities.

SureFire linear control capabilities enable broadcasters to drive additional ad revenue on their digital platforms without disrupting the revenue from their programmatic sales. Using SureFire linear control capabilities, broadcasters can book elements of their ad-served output just like linear; link commitments to specific ad break placements across linear and streaming; and combine linear control spots with addressable, targeted ads in broadcast-quality ad breaks.

“What linear control does is bring the power of the traditional television spot ― where I can dictate the placement of an individual ad that a broad audience is going to see ― to the dynamic ad insertion world,” said Malcolm. “This capability drives unparalleled reach, which in turn drives more revenue through higher CPMs.”

In another NAB Show debut, Imagine will unveil SureFire Ad Hub, an intuitive direct ad sales UI that enables FAST service providers to drive revenue by easily establishing direct sales operations. Designed for FAST providers or smaller media operations who don’t require the size and scale of a full-blown ad sales system, Ad Hub provides a lightweight solution that enables customers to sell and manage direct, addressable campaigns.

Ad Hub offers simplified workflows for targeted ad campaigns and user-friendly tracking dashboards, catering to both buy and sell-side users. With direct-sold ads placed on channels using broadcast-quality standards, connectivity to programmatic demand sources remains unaltered.


Malcolm added, “If you’re a small, independent FAST channel network looking to add some direct sales to drive profitability via a lightweight ad tech solution, SureFire Ad Hub is the answer.”

At the 2024 NAB Show, Imagine will showcase its full portfolio of innovative Monetize TV solutions, which enable customers to reaggregate their audiences, maximize CTV yields, and accelerate the transition to revenue-driving new business models from linear addressable, FAST, programmatic and direct-sold ― all the way to Total TV trading.

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