Rochester stations switch to eclipse-themed logos

Two Rochester, New York, television stations have created eclipse-themed versions of their logos.

ABC affiliate WHAM, which normally uses a “Circle 13” logo design, had a natural way of integrating a “ring of fire” corona look around the outline of the logo.

The design also includes a slightly off-center alignment of the logo and light burst behind it, but it’s not clear if that is an error or on purpose to illustrate a quirk in astronomy.

Crosstown CBS affiliate WROC opted to use the upper oval part of the “8” to represent the eclipse, turning it into a circle with light burst effect. This does make the upper part of the logo slightly inconsistent with its normal shape, but the effect is still quite effective.

WHEC, the market’s NBC affiliate, has not posted a modified logo as of this writing, nor has WUHF, the Fox affiliate. 

Rochester, New York, is one of multiple cities across the country that falls very close to the path of totality, the prime viewing locations for the event.

We’re keeping our eyes peeled for other stations along the path, which stretches from Central Mexico to northeast Canada in North America, to add similar looks.


Almost all stations within the path are offering extended live coverage of the event Monday, April 8, 2024, and have varying different looks for the event.