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Bitcentral to showcase products to give companies control over video content strategy at NAB 2024

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Bitcentral, a provider of media workflows, will use this year’s NAB Show to spotlight its range of solutions.

The award-winning ViewNexa streaming solution will feature several new enhancements. ViewNexa Channels is showcasing live graphics, dynamic nested channels with scheduling grid enhancements, and social media distribution — all aimed to enrich your linear FAST channels distribution. ViewNexa Apps will feature an AI-driven personalized recommendation engine, contextually targeted advertising, and digital rights management, providing users with tailored content suggestions, maximizing revenue through precise ad placement, and ensuring comprehensive protection of digital content rights.

There will be a first look at Bridge, Bitcentral’s HTML5 NRCS plug-in. Bridge is part of Bitcentral’s Core News solution suite and enables efficient search, drag & drop, and full MOS redirection across repositories along with customizable MMRS wires for breaking news. Bridge features a new user-friendly interface and is immediately available for ENPS 9.5 users.

Visitors will also have the opportunity to learn more about Bitcentral’s Fusion Hybrid Storage (FHS). FHS leverages the reliability and low latency of on-premise storage with the flexibility and scalability of commercially available cloud-based resources. Fusion Hybrid Storage provides you with the peace of mind your content and data are secure.


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