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Telemetrics brings new features and functionality for efficiency and safety to 2024 NAB Show

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At the 2024 NAB Show (Booth #C4420), Telemetrics, the innovators in camera robotics, will show new software and hardware improvements that boost operational capabilities across the entire portfolio of camera control systems.

These significant improvements include the addition of new features for the RCCP-2A Robotic Camera Control Panel that help the Telemetrics OmniGlide Robotic Roving Platform work smarter and the TG-4/TG-5 camera trolley and track systems move more smoothly, accurately, and safely.

“Through a series of software enhancements and tighter system integration, we’re continuing to improve the features and functionality across our entire range of products,” said Michael Cuomo, Vice President of Telemetrics. “This will allow studio engineers and designers to create new types of production workflows that suit their specific needs with the most efficient technology the industry has to offer.”

RCCP-2A control panel

At NAB 2024 the popular dual joystick control panel will be demonstrated live with new improvements to:

  • Studio View – Which enables control panel operators to see a graphical 3D reproduction of the studio environment right on the panel itself, with real-time location of camera pedestals and track systems. New at NAB, the TG-4/TG-5 track system now supports Telemetrics’ exclusive collision detection/avoidance safety features.
  • Power View – Which benefits users of the LP-S5 Pan/Tilt Head in tandem with the PS-RM2-48 power supply and the control panel with real-time control and power status of multiple devices.
  • Robotic Status – Telemetrics has added real-world values in real -time in order to improve crew operations. This enhanced feature now displays more real-world data of how the robotics equipment is performing at any moment in time.
  • Virtual Tracks – A new feature on the LP-S5 Pan/Tilt head that enables AR/VR of curved tracks in a more optimized way. This provides vast improvement in robustness and accuracy of virtual curved track systems (TG-4 and TG-5).

reFrame and reFrame Server

Visitors to the Telemetrics booth will see a series of new software improvements to reFrame Talent tracking software, which can be accessed from both the control panel and the reFrame Server. Among the new features are AI improvements to add more flexibility to subject framing (asymmetric return), incorporating additional movements utilizing Telemetrics Televator, TG-4/TG-5 track and OmniGlide rover capabilities (X, Y, Z priority), and auto retrigger framing when talent is slightly out of frame for prolong periods.

The Telemetrics reFrame Server extends the automatic camera tracking capabilities flexibility of its artificial intelligence (AI)-assisted reFrame Automatic Shot Correction software to more cameras in a production studio or event space–on site or remotely. This allows multiple cameras on the same network to have talent and object tracking capability.

TG-5 robotic camera trolley

Introduced at the NAB Show last year, the new TG-5 robotic camera trolley is now shipping and has already been installed at several broadcast and production facilities in the U.S. and around the world.

Part of the Telemetrics TeleGlide family of robotic camera dollies, the new TG-5 offers superior performance due to built-in safety sensors, an improved servo drive system, and a more streamlined trolley that can easily be recessed into a production studio or corporate presentation venue floor.


The company will also introduce native support and control over several new cameras, including the latest models from Blackmagic, Canon, Grass Valley, Hitachi, Ikegami, Panasonic and Sony.

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