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Grass Valley unveils integrated wireless RF and 5G camera solutions at NAB Show 2024

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Grass Valley (Booth C2308 at NAB 2024), a leading innovator for live production solutions, unveiled its new LDX 135 RF and LDX 150 RF camera solutions ahead of the NAB Show 2024, providing the same leading camera technology as their sibling devices, with integrated wireless transmission via RF or 5G bonded cellular.

Designed in cooperation with industry-leading RF system vendors, the LDX 135 RF and LDX 150 RF, offer a reliable, EMI-approved mechanical interface that accommodates third-party transmission modules without need for external cables or great mechanical effort. Compared to the LDX 135 and LDX 150, the newly announced RF editions offer a shorter chassis length that make room for the transmitter kit whilst maintaining a stable, balanced shoulder operation.

“We developed the LDX 135 RF and LDX 150 RF in response to growing customer demand for wireless versions of our LDX 100 series cameras, that makes it easier to operate in all camera positions, including those that would be difficult or impossible to connect with cable runs,” said Paul de Bresser, Product Manager at Grass Valley. “These Native UHD cameras add wireless transmission flexibility without compromising the exceptional picture quality and functionality that has made the LDX 135 and LDX 150 both leading camera choices for live Media & Entertainment events.”

New wireless flexibility, same LDX 100 series quality

As the first LDX 100 Series camera models enabling wireless transmission capability, the LDX 135 RF and LDX 150 RF offer exceptional performance and features:

  • Fully integrated universal solution for all third-part RF systems and 5G transceivers.
  • Easy-fit rear-side mechanical interface optimized in cooperation with industry leading RF manufacturers.
  • Support for all single speed video modes up to UHD with HDR and Global Shutter with three Xenios Imager.
  • High F11 at 2000 lux sensitivity.

“With its NativeIP operating mode and the IP-based signal transmission to the XCU, the LDX 100 Series already offered by far the most powerful and comprehensive signal transmission solutions on the market,” said de Bresser. “Now customers can attach any transmission solution they desire, including 5G transceivers, allowing transmission of camera signals directly to remote and/or cloud-based production centers, with return video, tally and control.”

Customers can obtain a “Build-Back Kit” to retrofit the LDX 135 RF and LDX 150 RF, back to a standard LDX 135/150 in a matter of minutes.

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