Ross Video marks its 50th anniversary during NAB Show 2024

By NewscastStudio

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Ross Video celebrates its 50th anniversary on the opening day of the 2024 NAB Show by showcasing its latest innovations in hyper-converged infrastructure, cloud technology, extended reality solutions, graphics, production switchers and newsroom production workflows.

The company’s theme, “From idea to audience, let’s make it real,” has crystalized into Ross’ biggest presence ever at NAB Show, with over 10,000 square feet at Booth SL2005 in the South Hall starting April 14, 2024.This year, Ross Video will highlight its live video production capabilities by demonstrating a range of solutions on its booth and surrounding activities, including:

  • Over 40 real-time end-to-end solution demonstrations
  • The first look at the products and solutions launched at NAB Show, including a new free-roaming robotics system, a data-driven weather graphics solution, and a software-based production switcher
  • A live virtual production studio featuring augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and trackless virtual production demonstrations
  • The newest developments in Production Control Room (PCS) and LED Content Management (CMS) solutions for Sports and Live Events
  • Special edition Keynote Presentation featuring CEO David Ross

Among these demonstrations will be an extensive list of product launches and updates announced at 2024 NAB Show, including:

Live production

  • Artimo, a free-roaming camera robotics system
  • Smart Shell, extended XY Limits for CamBot
  • VisionAIry AI talent tracking adds body-tracking
  • Furio barcoded rail technology
  • PTZ 12G+ robotic camera adds genlock
  • Spidercam Cable Heatmap Application, Smart Shell Control Support, SpiderSIM Beta – Spidercam 3D visual simulator for Unreal engine.
  • Carbonite Code, a software-based production switcher with NDI I/O
  • TouchDrive TDx3 and TDx4, production switcher control panels
  • Ultrix Acuity v13 software
  • Ultrix Acuity SDxE cross-compute card with 3D DVEs and Warp
  • Carbonite Ultra v9 with TSL Tally and Ross Platform Manager flexible licensing
  • Carbonite Ultra 60 v9 with 800GB HD/UHD Clip Player
  • Graphite v6.2
  • Graphite CPC (Cloud Production Center), v1.6
  • Mosaic Ultra: high-res video image processing for large displays
  • Video Servers & Replay, Kiva, Tria, Mira v9.3

Graphics solutions

  • Acquires Bannister Lake software to add HTML 5 to graphics solution
  • Raiden, a data-driven weather graphics solution
  • XPression FX – spot box replacement
  • XPression Version 12, latest updates to the industry leading real-time motion graphics system
  • XPression M9 high performance rendering engine
  • XPression Maps 4.0 cloud support
  • Piero production features, multi-layered effects
  • Voyager & Voyager Trackless & Lucid Studio 7.0

Hyperconverged solutions

  • Ultristream, Ultrix NDI Multiviewer license
  • Ultirproc, Ultrix Proc Amp and color corrector license
  • UltriLUT, Ultrix 3D LUT Conversion license
  • Fiber I/O CWDM Support
  • IPX-IO ST2110 Enhancements 16xUHD I/O, 1 to many routing, 1mS audio packet timing, NMOS-IS10 Support
  • Ultricore significant programming enhancements
  • DANTE audio support
  •  MC1 Master Control Automated Failover

Workflow solutions

  • CX-D Director’s control panel for OverDrive
  • OverDrive QuickShot rundown coding automation
  • Quorum 2.0 with multi-room support
  • Media I/O v10 with new Aura UI
  • Inception v17 + Mobile app 2.1
  • StreamlinePro MAM Video Editor
  • Ross Platform v3.6 flexible licensing & visual workflow
  • Ross Production Cloud, numerous feature & technology enhancements

Events and techology tours

The company will be offering various opportunities to experience their innovative solutions, including:

  • Ross Video’s special edition 50th anniversary NAB Show Keynote presentation (click here to watch)
  • Exclusive “behind-the-scenes” technology tour of Allegiant Stadium, home of Super Bowl LVIII (in partnership with WJHW and Forecast Consoles)
  • HyperX ESports arena tour at the Luxor Hotel featuring their state-of-the-art Production Control Room and Broadcast Center

Additional information: product launches & announcements

Live production solutions
  • Artimo: Ross Video has launched Artimo, a new studio robotic camera solution that delivers flexibility, creativity and practicality by blending innovative robotics with the elegance of free-flowing motion. Effortlessly gliding across virtually any studio flooring, Artimo offers the freedom of a free-roaming pedestal with the fluid, dynamic movement characteristics of a dolly or jib.
  • Carbonite Code, A Software-Based Production Switcher with NDI I/O: Carbonite Code is a groundbreaking software-based production switcher optimized for NDI workflows. Designed to meet the demands of a growing community of live production professionals, Carbonite Code combines the reliability of Ross Video’s Carbonite range with the efficiency and low latency of NDI video transport technology. View more information here.
  • TouchDrive TDx3 and TDx4 – Production Switcher Control Panels: Building on the success of last year’s TD3 and TD4 panels, the TouchDrive control panel range expands with the introduction of the TDx panels. Engineered to deliver maximum efficiency in fast-paced, high-pressure environments, both the TouchDrive™️ TDx4 and TDx3 panels feature even more control options with an additional row of buttons for Key/Aux Bus Source assignment or Memory and Custom Control recall operations. View more information here.
Graphics Solutions
  • Raiden: The launch of Raiden, a new data-driven weather weather graphics solution that empowers newsrooms to elevate their storytelling with more engaging weather and climate content. Powered by XPression, Raiden combines data gathering, processing, and visualization tools to create stunning content. 
  • Version 12: XPression, Real-Time Motion Graphics System
  • XPression Version 12: Features amplified 2D and 3D real-time motion graphics, all-new 2RU and 4RU XPression M9 render engines, and flexible licensing support via Ross Platform Manager. This release offers more power, resulting in improved performance and efficiency and a higher pixel and channel density count.
Hyperconverged solutions
  • Ultristream, Ultrix Licenses: Simplify multiviewer access with Ultristream and NDI. Stream Ultriscape outputs directly from Ultrix, expanding multiviewer visibility across your facility. Reach any NDI receive devices including laptops, Ultritouch panels, and even the Ultrix FR12 SmartDoor. 
  • Ultriproc-3DLUT Ultrix Licenses: Ultriproc-3DLUT replaces Ultripoc’s direct-mapping SDR/HDR conversion with advanced 3D LUT processing. Achieve stunning HDR, SDR, and parallel workflow results. Enjoy exceptional color consistency and creative control with the built-in NBCU and BBC LUTs. 
Workflow solutions
  • CX-D Control Panel for OverDrive: The CX Directors Panel is the evolution of the Sidebox line, featuring a new form factor and expanded operational capability. The new generation offers ride-through faders and a robust design with fewer connections. It is easy to implement with fully-custom configuration at the panel, no software licensing, and can be used alongside existing SideBoxes.
  • Mosaic Ultra: The next-generation Mosaic Video Image Processor has been designed to provide the highest quality video content across the largest displays and display arrays. As a dynamic compositing tool, Mosaic Ultra delivers unparalleled video image quality with pixel-perfect accuracy on screens exceeding 49 million pixels in UHD mode or 20 million pixels in HD mode.
  • Quorum 2.0 with multi-room support: Quorum is a mark-based production system that generates professional-quality outputs from meetings and assemblies with a simple, user-friendly interface. With version 2.0, users can scale to multiple rooms, maximizing flexibility and return on investment.
  • Media I/O version 10 with New Aura UI: Ingest and playout solution introduces a completely new web-based user interface with visual scheduling, native MAM integration and multiviewer with full transport controls. This allows the award-winning solution to breeze through ingest, playout, and transcode demands.
  • Inception version 17 and mobile app 2.1: Inception becomes even more powerful with the new side-by-side revision editor and XPression DataLinq integration, allowing users real-time access to on-air information like scoreboards, polls, game timers, election results and much more, giving unprecedented accuracy, relevance and timing on breaking news. Inception Mobile 2.1 brings the much-anticipated Rundowns view and a new landscape mode to mobile devices, giving users real-time visibility and valuable information about how their piece fits in the current show. This allows users to stay on top of changes, updates, and running times and be ready to deliver perfect results every time, from anywhere.

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