Sinclair launches datacasting platform at NAB

By NewscastStudio

Sinclair Broadcast Group has launched its Broadspan datacasting platform at NAB Show 2024.

The platform will allow SBG to distribute data on behalf of clients via over-the-air signals in all markets where it offers NextGen TV broadcasting. This data, in turn, can be fed into any compatible ATSC 3.0 device, opening up possibilities for new ways to get data to vehicles, tablets, smart phones or connected TVs.

Broadspan ultimately powers businesses to distribute data securely via NextGen TV signals. It offers a user interface that allows partner businesses to scope out the availability and visualize how the data will move through the broadcast network. This provisioning tool also gives these users the ability to track their distribution requests in real-time and confirm scheduling and delivery.

Sinclair eventually plans to open the platform up to all broadcasters. 

The company also announced it has inked a deal with Edgio, a content delivery network, to be its first Broadspan partner. The company plans to use Broadspan to supplement internet streaming with over-the-air data to deliver 4K video experiences to its customers. 

Sinclair has been focusing on finding ways to leverage the ATSC 3.0 standard, including ways to leverage datacasting as a new revenue stream for broadcasters with ATSC 3.0 capabilities. 

Broadcasters have an opportunity to allow third-party customers use their over-the-air signals to distribute data, potentially at a more cost-effective rate than current methods. This has the potential to put TV broadcasters in the over-the-air data delivery business currently dominated by wireless networks. 

The broadcast industry sees this as a way to further monetize the over-the-air signals their transmitters generate beyond traditional ad-supported television broadcasting.