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New ALIBI Production Music explores pop’s edgier sounds

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ALIBI Music has dropped four albums delving into the edgier side of pop. Created by talented composers and pop artists, this new production music ditches bubblegum sweetness for vibes that range from dark and ethereal to emotive and moody. Each album features ALIBI’s expertly structured tracks, stems and alt mixes for maximum customization, whether used to score serious dramas and true crime series or sensual catwalk shows and tech branding.

Check them out:

Hybrid Dark Pop (12 tracks, 519 audio files) – Journeying into the darker and more mysterious side of pop, this album features subdued minimal arrangements, creative sound design and haunting synths and vocal chop. These production cues are well suited to serious, dark dramas veering at times into sensual or seductive territory. They would also work well in true crime documentaries or haunting and mysterious in-show scoring. 

Ethereal Mysterious Pop (11 tracks, 419 audio files) – This is a sultry and evocative collection of brooding experimental pop songs. With a mixture of lyrical vocal and instrumental cues, this music is well suited to modern dramas, simmering sexy thrillers, dystopian sci-fi and much more. These would also make excellent show intros, true crime and thriller promos and game trailers calling for a contemporary and melancholic ethereal vibe.

Emotive Experimental Pop (11 tracks, 396 audio files) – Featuring pensive and – at times – heart-wrenching lyrics, these tracks combine the ethereal qualities of experimental lo-fi pop with editor-friendly building arrangements, poignant pianos and strings and distinctive sound design. Ideal for a wide range of programming from deep thoughtful dramas to uplifting coming-of-age tales. 

Moody Beats (16 tracks, 486 audio files) – From lonely and desolate to upbeat, cool and confident, these tracks blend atmospheric ambient soundscapes with contemporary pop and hip-hop beats. This album features twisted/warped vocal samples, organic FX and foley with a subdued yet sexy, sensual edge that makes it perfect for catwalk fashion shows, car adverts, tech branding and more. 

ALIBI’s production music cues have been used in the promotion and/or content for such brands as Netflix, Warner Bros., Lionsgate, HBO, Ford, NFL, UFC, Xbox, Samsung, T-Mobile, Joe Boxer, Shake Shack and many more.


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