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GlobalM and Scoopa announce strategic partnership to facilitate rapid content distribution

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GlobalM has announced a strategic partnership with Scoopa, specialists in broadcast-quality content distribution, offering a complementary service for live transmission of recordings and file exchange.

While GlobalM’s software-defined video network (SDVN) platform provides global distribution of live signals via SRT or RIST protocols, scoopa offers an automated high-speed distribution platform for file-based video content. With this new collaboration, live broadcast-quality signals are sent directly from the GlobalM interface to Scoopa and recorded as a file which can then be distributed for broadcast, editing or archiving.

The partnership offers considerable time and cost advantages for producers and rights holders by omitting intermediate steps such as recording in OB vans or control rooms, and the files can be made available as soon as the live broadcast is finished. In addition, many processes such as preview videos, rights management and email notifications are automated.

Paul Calleja, CEO, GlobalM, said in a statement: “We are excited to be working with scoopa on the development of disruptive solutions for the broadcast industry, in order to turn more and more advantages of the cloud into usable functions.”

The recording function has already been rolled out and is now available to all GlobalM users with a scoopa platform. Visitors to the GlobalM-Matrox Video Stand SL5073 at NAB 2024 were able to learn more about it and demo the Scoopa partnership, as well as GlobalM’s versatile video transport solutions.


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