NBC is mostly hands off with primetime schedule for fall

NBC has opted to keep its “very stable schedule” largely the same for the 2024-2025 premieres.

Both “Found” and “The Irrational” were introduced in the 2023-2024 season and were renewed for second seasons.

“The Irrational” previously occupied the post-“Voice” spot on Mondays, with NBC opting to put newcomer “Brilliant Minds” in its place. In turn, “The Irrational” is taking over the “Found” spot from last season.

NBC opted to place “Found” with the two Law & Order series on Thursday nights to create a block of crime-drama procedurals. It also sees “Found” as a strong option to following “SVU” due to both series’ female leads.

McEntire is scheduled to return as a judge on “The Voice” for her third straight season while also appearing on “Happy’s Place,” where she will star as Bobbi, who is faced with running a restaurant inherited from her father alongside a half-sibling she was not aware of.

McEntire, who is a hit country music artist, has held down lead acting roles in “Reba” and “Malibu Country.” “Happy’s Place” is not a reboot or continuation of “Reba” despite earlier reports that McEntire was interested in pursuing such a project. 

NBC previously announced it would cancel “Quantum Leap,” which finished airing in February 2024, along with “Extended Family.” 

“Transplant” and “America’s Got Talent” were also renewed. “America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League” and “America’s Got Talent: All-Stars” are still awaiting a final decision. 


The network will also bring back “Deal or No Deal Island” mid-season with newcomers “Destination X,” “The Americas” and “The Hunting Party” also slated to premiere then.