Netflix and Amazon lead as preferred providers for entertainment bundles

Recent research conducted by Hub has noted a growing trend among consumers desiring more comprehensive entertainment bundles, including video and spanning other complimentary services.

This evolving preference indicates a significant shift in consumer behavior and expectations, as revealed in Hub’s semi-annual “Battle Royale” survey.

According to the “Battle Royale — Wave 5” study, television’s traditional role as the focal point of home entertainment has diminished. Consumers now engage equally with non-video entertainment sources, averaging 6.6 providers compared to 6.3 for premium video services.

This trend is even more pronounced among younger audiences, under the age of 35, who utilize non-video sources at a higher rate than video services, 9.1 to 7.4 respectively.


The survey further explored what constitutes an “ideal” bundle for today’s consumer.

Presented with a choice of 16 different services, including streaming video on demand (SVODs), music and gaming subscriptions, and non-entertainment options like mobile phone plans and home internet, participants clearly preferred a diversified entertainment package. Notably, high-speed internet and mobile phone plans were among the top choices, with 71% and 52% of respondents including these in their bundles, respectively.


Netflix emerged as the leading streaming platform in these selections, with 65% of consumers including it in their ideal bundle.

When considering potential providers for these comprehensive bundles, Netflix and Amazon topped the list, with 15% and 12% of respondents favoring them, respectively. This preference outstripped other major tech companies by a significant margin and showcased a strong potential market for Netflix as it expanded into live TV and gaming areas.

Hub’s study, conducted in March 2024, involved 3,000 U.S. consumers who make entertainment decisions and have broadband access. It reflects a broader trend towards integrated entertainment solutions that cater to a wide range of consumer needs on a single platform.