ABC Network Branding 2018


Networking branding campaign the debuted for ABC with the fall 2018 season.

ABC tapped The New Blank to design and develop their 2018 Network Rebrand. Over the years they have been working on building a repertoire of programming that paints a more inclusive view of America. After the 2016 presidential elections, the divisiveness in the country accelerated and the amount of hate rhetoric became more and more prevalent. ABC chose to navigate these unsteady and unwelcome waters by pointing out that they are presenting stories representative of all Americans, left or right, rich, poor, differently abled, black, white, gay or straight. ABC was focusing on what truly makes America great rather than where we were currently getting hung up.

We ended up developing the look we called “Aperture” styled after the idea that ABC was swinging the camera around the country gathering these stories from real, everyday people, and the viewer is reflected in the lens. The television screen (or laptop or tablet etc) becomes the camera looking back at the viewer, the ABC programming reflective of the viewer.