CNN Studio H

Atlanta, Georgia

CNN has relocated its Atlanta studios from the CNN Center to its Techwood campus, marking a significant shift for the network’s operations. The move comes after the CNN Center was sold in 2021, with CNN using a leaseback option until the relocation was complete.

Studio H at Techwood is now the primary Atlanta studio for CNN programs, featuring a multi-venue set with multiple video wall backgrounds and scenic elements, as well as an adjacent green screen studio for virtual extensions. The design, created by Clickspring Design in partnership with Girraphic, allows for a high degree of flexibility and incorporates augmented reality technology.

When it debuted in early March 2024, Studio H was used for programming, including “First of All with Victor Blackwell” as well as “CNN This Morning Weekend” and “CNN Newsroom” weekend editions.

Previously, CNN had used Studio 7 along with the studio spaces of CNN International and the former home of HLN for its production in Atlanta.