League Championship Series

Los Angeles, California
Set Design Devlin Design Group

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Studio for the League Championship Series, the esports league run by Riot Games for the League of Legends franchise, that debuted in 2021.

For the design, Devlin Design Group worked along with Troika to reimagine a dynamic new vision for LCS broadcast.

LCS expert analysts will have many weapons in their arsenal for presenting compelling tournament and match information by using more than 4100 square feet of display technology spread across a variety of impressive presentation areas. LED walls, strategically placed to give the broadcast a dynamic feel, let analysts interact and move easily between the different venues.

A stylized curving main conversation bar, designed to complement the shape of the new LCS logo creates a home base where analysts can meet up to discuss match highlights. Commentary flows between podcast members seated at a custom V-shaped desk.

Angular monolithic 3D scenic elements along with a multi-story effect, adds an impressive scale to the scenic storytelling environment. Dramatic backlit hero LCS logos anchor the main studio and interview space. Color-changing lighting allowing for a transformation in mood and tone, brings another layer of flexibility to the performance areas. A floating ceiling element of curving diamond shapes adds even more dimension to sweeping studio shots.

As Covid restrictions ease, players invited to the new interview set will also feel an elevated experience. The studio is a welcoming and flexible space, outfitted with a custom bench for a quick and casual chat, or a platform with sculptural chairs for an in-depth discussion, creating a perfect environment to connect with fan-favorite team players or an intimate commentary.

Display graphic themes created by Troika, an agency known for their anthropological research in fandom and extensive work with blue-chip entertainment and sports clients, took a fan-centric approach to the brand design.