MLB on TBS (2016-2021)

Atlanta, Georgia

Set design for Turner Sports’ coverage of the “MLB on TBS” that debuted on September 25, 2016. The set was located in Studio F at Turner Studios and was replaced in 2021.

The 3,000 square foot set design aims to connect the classic American ballpark with modern minimalist architecture. Highlights include:

  • Five mounted 75-inch plasma screens will be used for graphics, highlights, player stats (four next to the desk and one mounted on the back wall pillar)
  • A total of 162 individual monitors in set backdrop, the curved display and the desk
  • More than 380 light fixtures and 60 LED fixtures have been installed, allowing the ability to change lighting to replicate the feel of a day game or a night game
  • Four cameras will be used, including two hard cams, a steady cam and a techno jib with a virtual component
  • Use of virtual ballpark graphics in front and to the side of the new curved desk. TBS will have use of four of these during the postseason to highlight unique ballpark angles, display spray charts, defensive alignments, lineups and analyst demos
  • A new desk that includes a curved LED monitor for graphics, statistics and sponsor information

Photos are Copyright © 2016 – Niel Galen. Used with Permission.