Nashville, Tennessee
Cable Network

New set and broadcast facility that debuted in March 2015.

RFD-TV’s rural to suburban demographic created a unique opportunity for Jack Morton/PDG to try a more “farm to table” approach to the look and feel of the set.

Taking a dramatic cue from barns, farm, and ranch architecture, Jim Fenhagen, Sr Vice-President, and Camille Connolly, Sr Designer, created a uniquely balanced news set by using raw-natural materials interspersed with modern, sleek touches.

Despite the rural feel, technology was embedded throughout, with large seamless plasma displays built into the architecture and desk. Large monitors in other areas are integrated into the look and feel to create a stand up and weather center area. The interview area is warm and cozy, the demo area has the ability to create astounding backgrounds for all the possible talent and guests of RFD-TV. And to top it off, tracking monitors glide through the room; creating more stand-up positions and bump-in/out opportunities.