NBC Chicago updates set, again

Change is in the air at NBC Chicago. Just a few short months after debuting its new set, the station has already made changes.

Gone is the 3×3 monitor array anchor center, in is a large monitor window similar to the one on the WNBC-TV set.

The weather center has also been updated, adding more wood.

The only problem with the new background is grain. The camera feeding the “window” appears to be gained up a little too high, creating lots of noise in the picture.


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  • Ed

    Another issue with the new NBC Chicago set is that the camera that is used to capture the image projected on the monitors is mounted on a pole that starts to rock quite a bit when it gets windy out. The swaying skyline images behind the anchor desk give you the impression the newscast is occurring on a ship in choppy water.

  • Eric

    WMAQ retired the newsroom set back in February. 7 months later, the new set is replaced with something different. Hmmm.

    Of the other NBC O&O’s… WNBC NYC current 3C set looks sort of nice… their previous 7E set look good too. KNBC LA set looks sort of nice. WCAU Philly set is okay, but not sure if NBC is planning a set makeover for them anytime soon. KNTV San Francisco and KXAS DFW sets are also okay. WRC DC and WVIT Connecticut sets look sort of nice too, and don’t really see NBC touching them. WTVJ Miami debuted its nice looking set 2 months ago, and don’t see NBC touching it either. KNSD San Diego is going to need a new set eventually.

    As for theme music… KNSD should have kept “NBC O&O Package” by 360 Music, instead of switching to “L.A. Groove” by Groove Addicts. Not too crazy about KNSD’s new “NBC 7 San Diego” logo… and think KNSD would be better off with the “NBC San Diego” branding. “L.A. Groove” package is okay, but I feel it’s getting over-played. I believe “Tower V.3” by 615 Music would work on WNBC. Like the new WTVJ music… and hope it could and might possibly be a syndicated NBC affiliates package.