Fox’s ‘First 100 Days’ debuts from Studio F

Fox News Channel’sThe First 100 Days” debuted from the network’s new Studio F, becoming the first show to call the space its permanent home.

The show originates from the studio’s second-floor balcony, with a window serving as the primary anchor background and the “video chandelier” serving as a backdrop for guests.   

The show, hosted by Martha MacCallum, replaces “Tucker Carlson Tonight” at 7 p.m., which moved to 9 p.m. into the slot vacated by Megyn Kelly’s “The Kelly File.” Kelly departed the network for NBC News earlier this year.

While Studio F, designed by Jack Morton PDG, was used extensively for the network’s election coverage, including serving as temporary home for many of the network’s programming, “The First 100 Days” marks the first show to call the studio home.

However, somewhat ironically, the show, at least under its current title, is only temporary, though the show could easily live on under essentially the same format after 100 days of the Trump administration have passed.

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  • el an

    This programme is probably the only one that I like the look of on the Fox (so-called) News Channel. This is probably because it is the least cluttered and most well thought out. The only part that I don’t like is the lower part showing the name of the programme. The logo there looks rather juvenile and like it has been put together quickly and with little thought. The typeface is not even the same! They have reverted back from a condensed one to a boring one.

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