Super Tuesday: Chaos Begins

The clock is striking 10 on the East Coast, and 9 in the Midwest, and now all the networks are beginning their big coverage. All of the votes are coming in, and the predictions are being made.

NBC – NBC is using the same graphics package as MSNBC with slight modifications, Brian is on the evening news set and will be joined by many guests. It’s nice to see NBC and MSNBC gelling and using the same graphics, equipment, studios, etc. This is turning into a great exercise in team building for both networks, and shows how much they have their stuff together.

CBS – CBS is continuing their live coverage, and showing the results live along the bottom, like many of the networks. What sets CBS apart from the others is their interesting camera angles and coverage team. Also, they are the first to break from coverage to show a canidate speech. Also, CBS has updated election music for this years elections.

ABC – ABC is continuing their Coast to Coast 5 hours of coverage with their team. The team has really worked well together and knows what they are talking about. Make sure to tune in after the local news for more Coast to Coast coverage. One unique feature about ABC’s coverage is their use of the steadicam. While the three anchors are chatting the steadicam walks around them to give a unique angle on the discussion.

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