Cracking the case: MSNBC green screen

Today at NAB 2008, NewscastStudio was able to uncover who designed the MSNBC “election center.” As we all recall, the “election center” was the totally 3D environment used during the election primaries. The set featured a 360 shooting area, and graphics could pop up from the floor.

Today, we cracked the case. Originally, MSNBC built a temporary set for their Super Tuesday coverage. Then, after Super Tuesday, they took pictures of every part of the set. This allowed them to recreate the set using blueprints and pictures in 3D.

Brainstorm America helped MSNBC design and develop the totally 3D environment. Also, with the help of Ultimatte, a company who specializes in chroma key technologies, MSNBC was able to do jib tracking. This allows the anchor to remain in one spot in the 3D environment.

Together, Brainstorm and Ultimatte worked together to create MSNBC’s new “election center,” and according to a company representative much bigger things are on the way. Look for a “sand table of Iraq” soon, much like the old real one. Also, NBC is looking to lease its “3D” studio, Studio 3K at 30 Rock, for other uses. Stay tuned for more from NewscastStudio.





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