The day so far

It has been a busy day at NAB, with many events and many exhibitors.

Many of the major music companies are working hard to add additional offerings in the weeks to come. Today, we spoke to 615 President Randy Wachtler. While talking, he hinted at many new style and sounds coming soon to television stations. WFOR, located in Florida, is expected to debut a new, and innovative, 615 package in the coming weeks.

Also, many music companies are preparing new offerings for promotions in the coming weeks. Killertracks, FirstCom, AMP, and many more will have many new cds for use with news promotion soon.

Graphic wise, VDO is working on some interesting projects, stay tuned tomorrow as we chat with their head designer on our podcast.

Also, stay tuned tonight for our chat with Stephen Arnold Music.

Stay tuned for more updates from the floor of NAB.



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