Set tour with Park Place Studio

It’s been another busy morning at NAB, this morning Park Place Studio took us to KTNV for a tour. This newly installed studio is a very modern set that features a wide anchor desk, interview area, kitchen setup, weather center, and many other positions for many possible shots.

The main anchor desk is very unique, and features plasmas built in to display anything on the front. Behind the desk is a plasma to display anything from a skyline to the days top stories. Surrounding the main anchor area is lots of metal work, which compliments to sets Las Vegas “modern style” look.

The set also features a smaller area for news cut ins and updates. This area has a smaller desk, 7 monitors, and lots of Vegas flair.

We thank Park Place Studio for giving us the tour. Stay with NewscastStudio for more news throughout the day, and make sure to listen to tonight’s podcast from NAB.