makes content easy

As mentioned on last nights podcast,, a new product from MediaLink, provides content for stations on-air and online.

The service, online at, requires users to signup to download content, but anyone may view the content currently online. Then, registered users can download content. This feature is where Mediaseed shines. Users have the choice of many formats, including, .flv, .wmv, .mov, and MPEG 2. Each of these formats are available in varying bitrates, perfect for use on-air and online.

The systems content then can easily be intergrated with any current web platform. Just add the video and it is available for users to see.

Mediaseed also allows users to quickly email content to other people, and users can also embed media on their site using the Mediaseed Flash player.

This service is an interesting step in the right direction for content syndication. In the past many services have offered videos and/or graphics, but Mediaseed is set apart because it offers so many formats and can easily work as web video.