NBC affiliate package: follow up

Recently, someone left this comment on the NBC Affiliate Package post, and we thought it might be of interest…

The same package will be sent to all the current look A stations. The station will choose what they will air but the AH will have only one look that will support daily graphics. That’s the whole reason for a graphics hub…one look supporting many stations. So more than likely the station will adapt to the look not the opposite. WNBC is the exception to the rule. The will more than likely stay with their Pyburn look. Other Pyburn Look B stations KNTV will have the option of switching.

The L3rd is in safe title…HD safe title. Remember HD coming SD leaving. The whole package is designed with HD in mind.

Also the peacock doesn’t “explode” it extrudes. The stills above doesn’t do the package justice. The best part isn’t the beginning or the end but everything in between.

Thanks for reading the NewscastStudio Blog, and stay tuned this week.