Gari Comm Rebrands

Once known as Gari Communications, Frank Gari’s famous music company is now Gari Media Group.

You may have known us as Frank Gari Productions, Gari Communications or Gari Media…but we’re now the Gari Media Group (GMG). As we look to the future of the broadcast industry, we are positioning our company to expand on our legacy music brand by adding a full range of creative service products as turn-key outsource solutions.”

The new name sounds like a good fit. The new logo also is a simplistic logo that is easy on the eyes.

Along with this rebrand, Gari Media Group also developed a new Web site. The website is fairly simply layed out and easy to navigate, but one thing is missing… samples of work. Throughout the site Gari Media Group shows screen caps of former clients, but no music samples. Instead they refer you to the old Web site.

It will be interesting to see if other time they expand the website to include video and possibly music.