KNBC-TV finally goes HD

After months of planning, testing, updating and tweaking, KNBC-TV is now broadcasting in High Definition. Continue reading for our take and more pictures.
The HD move comes only weeks before the 2008 Beijing Olympics on NBC and gives KNBC-TV plenty of time to work out any kinks. As expected and first reported by NewscastStudio, the NBC Artworks Look C package debuted earlier this week.

The new package includes all that was previewed and many more elements. Overall, the package is good for KNBC-TV and works well with the station’s LA home. The colors of orange and blue work well together and work great with the 4 HD bug. Unlike some HD stations, KNBC-TV’s bug is small and easily readable proving a bug doesn’t need to take up the entire lower screen.

It will be interesting as the Olympics approach to see how many NBC O&O affiliates launch Look C.

Combined with a new set from FX Group and their current news music package by Groove Addicts, Look C is a good fit for KNBC-TV.



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