KOMU-TV launches HD with revised graphics

After years of planning and preparing, KOMU-TV in Columbia, Missouri has launched in HD.

For the HD launch, KOMU-TV decided to revise their current graphics package with some small updates to allow an easy transition for viewers and employees.

KOMU-TV is one of a handful of stations operated by colleges and one of the only college run stations to be backed by a major network. KOMU-TV is also the third smallest DMA station to launch in HD.

The new graphics build on the previous look and continue to use KOMU-TV’s signature colors of red and black.

The new package features a good bit of motion and modern elements while remaining pleasing to eyes on screen.

Along with the graphics, the set also received some minor tweaks. New plasma monitors replaced old CRT monitors along with updated lighting and shot blocking.


Overall, KOMU-TV proves a lower DMA station can go HD and look good using in house graphics and set design. KOMU-TV commented to NewscastStudio that a new set and graphics package may be in the works for 2009 as KOMU continues to grow.

For more pictures of the set visit the KOMU-TV SetStudio page. For more screen captures of the graphics visit the KOMU-TV Graphics page.