What’s going on with ‘Nightly’?

We’ve noticed that, for the past few weeks, when Brian Williams is absent from “NBC Nightly News,” the show is using some different camera angles that seems to suggest the show is originating from a different studio than the normally-used 3C.

Does anyone know what’s going on and why?

There seems to be a collection of images of the real “Nightly” set that are projected behind the anchor on an RP or other large sized monitor. What’s strange is that the angles being used don’t match the ones used on “Nightly” normally, such as the off-axis shot shown above, which is not easily shootable during the normal broadcast because of the desk layout.

More images after the jump…

This shot also appears at a slightly different perspective.


What makes this even more puzzling is that when a live guest appears on the broadcast, he or she seems to be seated in the real “Nightly News” studio where the guest would normally sit as you can see here with Richard Engel.

It’s kind of funny to see a double-box like this when the show is trying to create the illusion the two are in the same studio…

We’re not sure what’s going on here; if anyone has any tips, drop a comment on this post.