WMAQ graphics package posted


We’ve added images from WMAQ-TV, the NBC O&O in Chicago. The station’s new look is a bold combination of blue and purple tones.

I’ve always thought purple was an under-used and under-appreciate color for TV news graphics. The “NBC Nightly News” graphics package that used a lighter shade of purple and gold was very unique and had an elegant look. WESH-TV in Orlando, Fla. used to use a rich deep violet for its dominant colors that, combined with oranges and golds, really made a splash.

The nice thing about purple is that it’s close to blue, a universally-good choice, but different enough to be unique in a market that uses all blue. Interestingly, WESH switched to using blue graphics, just like the CBS and ABC-affiliated stations in the market.

WMAQ-TV’s new look also makes use of rectangular shapes with a diagonal angle on one end as well as 3D text rotated on different axises.