New system could bring virtual environments to affiliate level


The "all-in-one" offering provides a easy starting point for stations wanting to start on virtual sets. Photo: Dak Dillon/NewscastStudio

Fully immersive and interactive 3D environments are becoming more and more popular but are still outside the reach of many local TV stations.

However, Brainstorm America hopes to change that with its new “all-in-one” offering starting at $120,000 per camera, says Brainstorm America’s J. David Hoffman. The system includes a robotic camera with built-in motion sensors that make real-time movement possible and is flexible enough to be moved to new locations or even in the field.

The offering also allows users to store up to 2,000 moves into its internal memory, making it easy to integrate into an existing workflow, said Hoffman.

As reportered earlier, the Brainstorm system is system-agnostic and runs easily with readily-available hardware.

This price certainly puts immersive 3D envrionments at a price point that’s much more accessible to local news and opens up some interesting possibilities for special event coverage, standups, hybrid sets and perhaps even full virtual sets.