Philly residents ‘furious’ over new site look?


As part of the NBC O&O Web site relaunches today, readers have the opportunity to vote on various stories. It seems like the new site may not be that popular in Philadelphia. At 8:42 p.m. CT Wednesday evening, 48 percent of readers had indicated they were “furious” on the new site tour posted on the site.

In fairness, it might be a little unclear to some what they were voting on based on how the page was designed.

Other cities had a bit better reaction: 37 percent of Chicago users said they were “thrilled” on’s iteration of the same story (though “furious” was a close second). In New York, 43 percent of users were “thrilled” as well, followed by 19 percent being “intrigued.”

To some extend this does demonstrate the fickleness of online polls; not that they can’t add a bit of fun to a site and NBC seems to have captured a certain playfulness that might win over viewers.